Let’s assume that time, being linear, and at least until now being unknown a way to travel through time, does move forward only. At the same speed or rate, whatever you want to call it. It does not come back. Each second is wasted universally. You and me might be using it to do something or nothing but all in all, time is wasted. And even if we do absolutely nothing we feel it passing by. We age. Our food rots. Our pets die. Our family and friends pass. Governments are elected. Governments are deposed. Countries are born. Countries are destroyed. The world evolves. Sadly, not all for the best. The question is: where are we going?

Todays world is a messy one. We have political issues. We have social issues. We have environmental issues. We have personal issues. Many of them are somehow connected. World domination from governments and corporations. Racism and xenophobia. Our planet is dying, one species at a time. One forest fire at a time. One iceberg at a time… Wars feed the rich and kill children and citizens all around. Migrations. Forced ones. Escapes. Refugees. People are beginning to panic because of climate changes, because of diseases and virus, new and old. Antibiotics are being fought by bacteria. Fear is a political argument again. Everyone fights for something but everyone seems to fight for different reasons. We do not have a purpose anymore. Not a common one at least. So, again, where are we going?

We agree or disagree and are vocal about it. But we became intolerant to others. Other genders, sexualities, political views, nutrition values, sport clubs, moral and societal rules. We all have our own but more and more rarely allow for others to have their own.

All this and more brings me to this. We do not belong here. Our planet is not ours. Planet Earth, as we know it, has thrived and would continue to thrive if the human race had not been a part of its history. Think about it. All animal and vegetal species lived in perfect balance until men appeared. A natural catastrophe would bring equilibrium to the planet every once in a while. But then homo sapiens came along — or someone, let’s call him the missing link. And we started changing the planet. Cut down trees. Destroy. Build to our needs and greed. We have been cannibalising the planet every single second for the past 4 our 5 thousand years (at least). And all for what? For what we consider society and natural evolution. There’s nothing natural about it.

I once read somewhere that because we were the only species that really did not bring anything good to the planet, we probably were put here by aliens. Well, science fiction or not, the fact is that we have a miserable track record and now, coming to the end of 2019 (by the gregorian calendar) our time is increasingly speeding towards doom. And all we do is fight for what each and everyone considers right without even thinking that the only way to try and turn back the clock (as if it was possible) is to come together as one. One planet, one species, one goal. But in all reality, that probably won’t happen. So, until our demise, let’s continue wasting seconds, shall we? Look at our children and think that someone, somewhere will think of something. That’s the spirit! Not!

For my part I will try and continue to pursue awareness. But, let’s face it. Who’s going to listen to a near 50 year old somewhere. I’m just one, right?