Agile is not Scrum

Almost a year today I wrote a small article on LinkedIn about Agile and Scrum. This lead me to believe I had to keep doing it. Now I am bringing my articles to Medium. This was the first one…

Since I started using Agile based methodologies and specifically since I started teaching them I have been noticing that quite a few authors, articles, websites, etc., etc., etc. use the term Agile as if it was the same as Scrum or whatever methodology they are referring to. And that is starting to get on my nerves!

The latest and tipping point was an article using the following phrase: “Agile Definition of Done”. OK, I know what you meant. I would guess most understand that. I also believe that you refer to the overall context of the Definition of Done in an Agile related development environment or methodology. However, not everyone know that. And I have been noticing that many do tend to mix Agile with related methodologies, specially Scrum.

Agile is not Scrum, or Kanban, or XP, or TDD, or whatever methodology, technique or tool you are using or talking about. Please be specific! Agile is a philosophy, a way of looking at a problem and present 12 basic principles and 4 very concise values. It does not state anywhere that you should have a Definition of Done, a Product Owner nor anything remotely related. And as much I do believe you all know the difference (yes, you who write about Agile), do remember that there are those who do not know them and might get confused by the terms.

As for this specific article, by stating “Agile Definition of Done” you are going against the purpose of that same principle by not being completely and intentionally specific. Just put yourself in the shoes of someone that is new to the concept. Then, after they read the article, ask them about Agile. And about Scrum. Let them state the differences… Got it?

Thank you.